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Next Election-February 19, 2019

Election Information

Polling hours are from 7am-8pm at the Belgium Village Hall, 104 Peter Thein Ave.

If you moved to Belgium and would like to avoid delays on Election Day, please register to vote prior to an election. If you choose to register to vote by mail, a copy of a photo ID and proof of residency are required. If you register in person, the Clerk or Deputy Clerk must also see your proof of residency.

Absentee ballots are available approximately three weeks prior to an election. If the request for an absentee ballot is made by mail it must be in the office of the municipal clerk no later than 5pm on the Friday preceding an election. This is the last day a clerk can mail an Absentee Ballot to an elector. If the request for an absentee ballot is made in person at the clerk's office, it can be made until 5pm on the day preceding the election.

Please contact Julie Lesar, relative to any election questions or concerns at 262-285-7931 or by email


Election Forms